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Assessing EU-ASEAN Cooperation in the New Geopolitics of the Indo-Pacific: Commonalities, Challenges and Prospects 

Assessing EU-ASEAN Cooperation in the New Geopolitics of the Indo-Pacific: Commonalities, Challenges and Prospects’ is the second talk of the public forum series by the EU Delegation to Thailand (EUD) and ISIS Thailand. It will explore the EU’s relations with ASEAN following the first-ever summit between their leaders recently held in Brussels (14 December 2022). The summit commemorated 45 years of EU-ASEAN diplomatic relations, where leaders reaffirmed their commitment to a rules-based international order and multilateralism, and accelerated a series of new initiatives to realise the full potential of the EU-ASEAN Strategic Partnership. 

(February 3, 2023) Myanmar's military takeover falters 

Global news headlines this month will be focused on the one-year anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, which falls on Feb 24. This external aggression, where a bigger state unilaterally takes territory from a smaller neighbour by force, can be juxtaposed to an internal subjugation in Myanmar, where a military coup took place two years ago this week. Whether the aggression is externally between states, or internally within a state, the oppressors behave the same way and pursue similar objectives of conquest and dominance. Reversing an internal subjugation is as morally compelling as turning back an external aggression. What Myanmar's civilian-led resistance coalition needs is a fraction of the aid the Ukrainians have been receiving. 

(January 27, 2023) Thailand's political charade exposed 

On the face of it, Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha for eight years, has touted himself as "an outsider" who was above the political fray, seizing power in a military coup and taking top office to help Thailand in its hour of need amid debilitating protests and polarisation in 2013-14. Now that the general has thrown his hat in the ring under the United Thai Nation (UTN) Party locally known as "Ruam Thai Sang Chart" to contest the upcoming election, the charade is over. 

(January 13, 2023) The truth about Thai money politics 

As the election looms in Thailand, money politics returns with a vengeance. 

(January 31, 2023) Thai soft power, or a soft sales job? 

Last week Prime Minister Prayut Chan-O-cha issued a new soft power policy to promote Thai culture as part of efforts to attract international visitors. Upon close scrutiny, what the government is trying to do is actually raise revenue. In a nutshell, it is a sales pitch, nothing more. 

(January 24, 2023) Revitalising Thailand-Malaysia ties 

'So close and yet so far" is a popular description of the current state of ties between Thailand and Malaysia. It could have been better in the past, but now both countries can make a difference. Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim is visiting Thailand next month to advance bilateral ties to another level, but several elements are needed. 

(January 17, 2023) Thai diplomacy extends to Global South 

At last week's virtual summit organised by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to gather input from members of the Global South, Thailand diligently reached out to the world's developing and less developing countries with a holistic approach focusing on human security and balanced development.