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Two Koreas saga: Keep your fingers crossed - Kavi Chongkittavorn 
When the two leaders from Korea meet in Panmunjom later next month, new histories of East Asia will be narrated and written. 
Prime Minister Prayut is no President Xi - Thitinan Pongsudhirak 
That the Chinese Communist Party-controlled legislature has removed the term limits of the country's president and vice president has already sent shockwaves worldwide. It means that President Xi Jinping can continue to be China's head of state into a third term beyond 2023. Even though China's presidency is less powerful than the Chinese Communist Party's General Secretary and head of the Central Military Commission, the abolition of presidential term limits sends unmistakable signals that President Xi intends to hold complete and absolute power. He is now seen as more powerful than any contemporary Chinese leader, unrivalled since the time of founding father Mao Zedong. 
Australia's new strategy towards Asean - Kavi Chongkittavorn 
When Australia looks to the north, what does it see? Southeast Asia, of course. But the region is no longer the geographic landmass in its front yard comprised of 10 countries governed by different political systems and cultural values to its own. From next week onward, Southeast Asian countries, each with a unique domestic dynamic, will become the nexus of Australian foreign policy. 
EU-Asean relations fall under a curse again - Kavi Chongkittavorn 
Each time that Asean-EU ties appear to be on an upward curve, some mishap occurs. In the past year, due to major geopolitical shifts regionally and globally, particularly over transatlantic ties, the EU has paid more attention to Asean, wanting to strengthen ties beyond trade and investment, including on security and strategic matters. Likewise, scenting the US backsliding from multilateral forums, Asean is looking toward the EU as the new stabilising force for the region's economic progress, peace and prosperity. 
Cobra Gold drills depoliticise Thai-US ties - Kavi Chongkittavorn 
The 37th Cobra Gold annual multilateral military exercise ended last week with one major outcome -- the depoliticising of Thai-US relations which have been held captive since the May 2014 coup. 
Elections, corruption and Thai democracy - Thitinan Pongsudhirak 
People at home and abroad are calling for elections in Thailand on the premise of returning democracy to a country that has been under nearly four years of military government. 
Singapore's Asean tests: twists and turns - Kavi Chongkittavorn 
Judging from the well-crafted statement on the Asean foreign ministers' retreat in the Lion City last week, Singapore as the current chair of the regional grouping has its work cut out for it.