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Event Summary 2017
Reforming Thailand’s Education System: Where To Start? 
It has become a cliché to say that Thailand needs to fix its education system. All of Thailand’s myriad challenges from social polarization and income inequality to the lack of national economic competitiveness point to the country’s education woes. These challenges are exacerbated by advancing technologies in a fast-changing world where standing still is tantamount to falling behind. The gap between Thailand’s outdated educational system from the past and the reforms required to compete abroad and meet expectations at home is widening. Many have suggestions but few have clear-cut solutions. This panel brings together experts from Thailand, Europe and America to trade notes, share experiences, and reflect/suggest where Thailand has been and where it needs to go to upgrade its education to address grievances and meet demands at home and abroad. 
Coping with the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Thailand’s Economic Growth Imperatives 
The government’s “Thailand 4.0” economic growth strategy has had a bandwagoning effect, attracting considerable public attention. It is designed to usher the Thai economy into the 21st-century global digitization era by managing and capitalizing on the challenges and imperatives of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 
Asian Views on America’s Role in Asia: The Future of the Rebalance 
The U.S. “rebalance” towards the Asia-Pacific region signals a recognition of
the dramatic shift of economic, political, and strategic power towards Asia.
The rebalance policy, announced in 2010, has provoked sometimes-heated
debate and drawn mixed reactions in Asia regarding the policy’s motives and
intentions. Thursday, 2nd March 2017 
President Donald J. Trump: Meanings and Consequences for Southeast Asia and Thailand 
A “Dream Thailand” Public Forum Series
“President Donald J. Trump: Meanings and Consequences for Southeast Asia and Thailand”
Friday, 3rd February 2017 
“Migration, Terrorism and Democracy: Lessons and Challenges Across Asia and Africa” 
Institute of Security and International Studies (ISIS) Public Forum
“Migration, Terrorism and Democracy: Lessons and Challenges Across Asia and Africa”
31 January 2017 at 09.00 - 11.00 a.m.