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(December 7, 2021) Thailand-UN at 75: Peace and security

There are a few things at which Thailand has excelled at the United Nations: Multilateralism, South-South cooperation, social development, women's empowerment, drug control, peace-keeping and global health security to name a few. But one notable achievement is the country's attempt to rid the world of dangerous nuclear weapons, very much to the chagrin of powerful allies and friends.

Thailand is proud of its contribution to the UN process to end the proliferation of all nuclear weapons in the world as part of a core working group set up in 2016 which pushed for the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) that came into effect on Jan 22 this year. As such, nuclear weapons joined the ranks of chemical and biological weapons as weapons of mass destruction proscribed by international law. During the drafting process in 2016, Thailand and other members of open-ended working groups were under heavy pressure from their allies and friends. In particular, Thailand, as the chair of one working group, favoured a ban but was urged to take a more conciliatory line from friends which possessed their own nuclear deterrents. Nevertheless, the ban was subsequently adopted.