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(September 24, 2021) The UK moves into a tougher new world

 The United Kingdom is on the move. From the "Brexit" referendum result more than five years ago to the recent launch of the Australia-United Kingdom-United States (Aukus) trilateral security partnership, it is unmistakeable that the post-World War II rules-based liberal international order is coming under increasing strain. As the global order unravels, the UK is facing a brave new world that requires calling up its inner strength in ways not seen since its finest battle against tyranny and aggression some 80 years ago. And there are reasons to think the UK will do better than its critics and detractors suggest.

For visitors on the ground who have travelled to this former imperial island for the first time during the Covid-19 pandemic and for the first time since the final implementation of Brexit after having acceded to the European Community (later European Union) in 1973, the earlier doomsday predictions seem off the mark. While questions abound about how the UK will fare without the EU, it might be possible that this speculation will be reversed to look at how the EU will do without the UK in the longer term.