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(November 6, 2020) US presidential poll and implications

It is surprisingly unsurprising. Contrary to most polls and pundits, incumbent United States President Donald J Trump did not lose by a landslide in the presidential election this week. The final results are so close that both candidates, Mr Trump and Democratic Party rival Joe Biden, have claimed victory. Despite ongoing rancour and acrimony until the next US president is sworn in next January, several outcomes and implications are already clear.

First, just as Mr Trump has alleged all along, there is indeed a liberal bias among the media, pollsters, academics, and intellectual elites -- altogether known as the establishment "swamp", as Mr Trump called it. A cursory look at CNN, Bloomberg, The New York Times, and Washington Post, among others reveals anti-Trump prejudices. These media platforms have been conducting a crusade to unseat the incumbent president, labelling him a racist even when more non-whites have just voted for him compared to four years ago. Yet he persisted and defied them through his tweets and the smaller pro-Trump media, particularly Fox News. From faraway Thailand, a balanced and informed view of the US requires watching both sides of the US media divide.