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(June 26, 2020) Geoeconomic implications of Covid-19

The longer the coronavirus pandemic wends its way around the world, the more it takes on permanent features. As case infections still persist virulently, especially in the US, Brazil, Russia and India, states, societies and individuals are being forced to make adjustments. There will be winners and losers in the geoeconomic competition for market shares and supply chains. Those with more effective public health systems will stand in good stead with opportunities to re-emerge less scathed and better positioned to carry on, whereas others with less adequate health infrastructure will face more risks and disadvantages. For the first time in generations, health security has become the main determinant in the fate of nations and peoples.

Longer-term effects from the virus are already evident. While the virus is the enemy, density has become adversity. The scattering and spacing of people have reconfigured time and space, with staggered shifts and shorter office hours. The difference is made up by work from home and other remote sites.