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A "Dream Thailand" Public Forum: Women is Politics: Experiences and Lessons (Youtube & No Summary Report)


This public forum was showcased by former New Zealand Prime Minister's keynote speech, where she outlined her experiences as a female leader and drew lessons from public service for other women politicians around the world.

Dr Nalinee Taweesin of Pheu Tham party called for greater role for women in local and national politics, including in the resolution of the violent insurgency in Thailand's deep south.

Ms Chompoonut Nakornthap noted that she was gay and that gay politicians should take a more assertive role in national politics to get rid of corruption and graft, removing stereotypes about women using sex appeal for career advancement.

Ms Pannika Wanich admitted that sex appeal had a role in politics, as she received more attention as journalist partly because of her looks, accentuated by the role of social media. However, she said the looks can open doors but ultimately merits are decisive.

Ms Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul, as former minister of tourism and sports, suggested that the military government under which she served gave her considerable role to perform and that the country needed more women to serve in politics.